At InterSolution 2020 you will be introduced to the newest innovations from leading solar companies. Below you find a brief selection:

Renewable energy storage solutions

Battery Supplies has been investigating lithium options in aftermarkets for years. This has led to a new range of home and industrial batteries. In order to optimize the latter, a cooperation with Yuso has been established. Yuso takes care of the exchange of renewable energy between different parties. Thanks to the brand new home batteries AQ-LITH Energybox of 3, 5 and 7 kWh, you can make more use of your own energy produced by solar panels. Moreover, these home batteries are also eligible for subsidies (in Flanders, Belgium). We also have an answer for larger-scale projects. The robust industrial battery for storing renewable energy. The battery designed and assembled by Battery Supplies stores excess energy from the solar panels and wind turbines and returns it later when production needs it. Yuso takes care of the intelligent control of the battery and inverter. Yuso determines when and how much the battery will be charged and discharged, based on current and future parameters such as energy consumption, own production, energy prices, weather forecasts...

Discover our quality products 

This year we present to you our all-in-one and self-consumption solutions. With the support of our suppliers we give you the opportunity to discover our entire portfolio of products and services - from the planning of an installation to the delivery of the PV components. We can offer inverters for any project type, or in combination with storage systems to increase self-consumption - our experts are ready to consult you. Part of our stand is dedicated to our installation system Novotegra and our PV-Shelter. In addition, we would like to present our range of EV chargers.

Mother Nature: the original engineer

"Sunflowers open, close and follow the sun for optimal energy conversion. Why don't we do the same with a version of solar panels?", they thought at Smartflower. A beautiful object that also attracts admiration and attention is the result of this thought! In just a few hours, your Smartflower can be delivered, installed and connected to your home, so that you get clean energy from one stand-alone device. Smartflower uses advanced robotics to intelligently monitor the sun, providing up to 40% more energy than fixed panels. In addition, Smartflower will automatically fold and clean itself every day to maintain maximum use of the sun. Since the end of 2018, BMP building services has been supplying the very latest generation of Smartflower in the Benelux. At the end of 2019, BMP, together with two technical companies from the Netherlands, formed Smartflower Benelux.

Esdec expands steeldeck segment

Esdec invests a lot of time and knowledge into innovations every year. For example, in recent years a lot of time has been spent testing, measuring and further developing safe and reliable mounting systems. Esdec further implements these testresults and designs the ultimate system for on any roof; continuing to influence the solar market innovatively by designing and delivering safe and reliable solar mountingsystems is paramount. Esdec has involved independent consultancy firm Peutz in various tests and certifications of the mountingsystems. In addition to conducting extensive wind tests, Peutz recently certified the calculator according to the latest commision norms. In addition to the already existing FlatFix Fusion and ClickFit EVO system, at InterSolution 2020, Esdec will be presenting a new installation system in the ClickFit Steeldeck range. With this, Esdec highlights the diversity in installing larger surfaces on steel roofs, including agricultural, commercial or residential.

New generation residential selection, powerful and elegant TL-XE Series

TL-XE series are the most up-to-date smart on-grid inverter for single phase residential users and this is a complete revolution from the inside out. What 's more, these series have such strong adaptability, with DC/AC ratio up to 1.4, string current up to 12.5A, compatible with double-glass modules, type II SPD, AFCI optional. Also the inverter with OLED screen and touch button, makes it much easier to do configuration.

Comprehensive 360° support thanks to new SMA apps

Cost-effective generate, store and manage solar energy: SMA presents the brand new SMA Energy Systems. Thanks to this new approach, each solar installation is easily adapted to the customer's requirements. A modular expansion with energy management or storage is possible at any time, for private, commercial or industrial applications. SMA focuses more than ever on a comprehensive 360° support for the installer with the introduction of the SMA 360° app. The installer always has mobile support available - from planning to operation and service - and can assist his customer even better. New features such as a QR code scan for commissioning and follow-up ensure maximum convenience. In addition, the SMA Energy app will be launched during the trade fair, allowing the end customer to follow-up his installation at any time. Fans of e-mobility will also be given a first opportunity to see how the new SMA EV Charger can charge their electric vehicle with self-generated, cost-efficient solar energy.

Innovation in roofing systems

Voestalpine Sadef, manufacturer of steel profiles and mounting systems, is a designer and supplier for the 11 MW roof parallel system. The 150,000 m2 roofs are fitted with 40 km of innovative FastSlide rails. These rails are placed in parallel with the roof and give a super sleek look. In addition, fewer roof fixings are needed here and the installation can be built 3 times faster with 50% fewer holes in the roof.

New three-phase residential and commercial Huawei Solar inverters

Come to the booth of Wattkraft Benelux and admire the award winning new three-phase residential and commercial Huawei Solar inverters. The inverter is ready for the future with the integrated plug & play battery interface. Recently, the first inverters are successfully installed in the Benelux. Quote installer: “The compact size and easy plugs allows to install the inverter very fast." New: with the Power Control from Wattkraft combined with Huawei SUN2000 inverters you can get the maximum capacity of your PV system without burden the connection. Curious? Come to the Wattkraft booth and we will update you about the latest techniques.

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