Auf der InterSolution 2023 werden Sie die neuesten Innovationen von führenden Solarunternehmen kennenlernen. Im Folgenden finden Sie einige der Neuheiten, die Sie entdecken können.

Intelligent systems for professionals and private individuals

Battery Supplies, the battery expert, has developed a range of Li-ion batteries for the storage of renewable energy and this for industry, SMEs and private individuals. This energy storage not only increases self-consumption but simultaneously serves to smooth peaks and for grid support in spot and imbalance markets.

Flexibility. Reliability. Expertise. That's Battery-Box.

At BYD Battery-Box, our commitment revolves around offering batteries with a flexible universal design that provide the perfect storage system to each individual use case around the world. Flexibility has always been ensured by our wide inverter compatibility and our product scalability whenever needed. Now, we take a step further by launching the Battery-Max Lite for Industrial & Commercial applications.

Launching JULLIX at InterSolution 2023

Do you also always put so much work into pulling cables to achieve correct communication with a home battery? With JULLIX, you install a home battery almost wirelessly and save time and money. Come to the Durasun stand 8638 at the InterSolution trade fair and discover this piece of technology! Or attend one of our master classes in the conference room. JULLIX... Plug & charge!

Ecostal - a wholesaler in photovoltaic global solution

Aware of the important changes in the field, we are constantly investing in the search for new ranges that can meet the climate challenges of tomorrow. That’s why we offer our B2B customers new charging solutions for electric cars and storage.

Install quickly and reliably on commercial roofs: south installation

Reliable and fast installation on large-scale commercial roofs has already been done with FlatFix Wave Plus in a dual east-west installation, a single south installation will be added at the beginning of 2023! With even higher clamping force, which means that less ballast is required and can be installed in higher wind zones.

MOON Power: Shared Payment Cluster for Cost and Space Optimization

MOON Power installed 16 Etrel INCH charging stations for charging and one Etrel INCH Duo with a contactless payment terminal. The cluster of Etrel chargers is connected through Etrel OCEAN EV charge point and energy management system, and Etrel INCH Duo serves as a contactless payment solution for chargers without the payment terminal.

Measuring equipment for sustainable climate technology

Increase the efficiency of PV installations by testing them with the THT300. With a measuring range of up to 650° and thermal resolution of 384 x 288 px, this thermal imaging camera is equipped to detect anomalies and hotspots. Discover all our measuring devices for solar panels, electrical installations and charging stations at stand 8414.

Krannich Solar at InterSolution 2023

This year's InterSolution focuses on:

View the available products now in the Krannich webshop. This allows you to easily consult your orders.

The compact Goodwe Lynx Home U fits perfectly into every household

GoodWe's Lynx Home U-series is a low-voltage lithium battery designed specifically for residential applications. Be amazed by the battery performance, safe battery technology (LFP) and optimized user experience. The built-in automatic recognition function and plug & play ensure easy installation.

With renewable energies against climate change: we are the foundation

Since 1993, we have been laying the foundation for solar energy to be accessible to everyone worldwide. Our departments plan PV mounting systems for rooftops, commercial facilities and solar parks – no matter where, how large or how complex. We stand for quality, leading innovations and trustworthy partnerships as well as strong service and customer orientation.

Circular battery systems for energy storage at companies

An efficient and reliable energy storage system built from high quality batteries from electric vehicles. The system enables companies to optimize their production and consumption of renewable energy. Octave developed in-house monitoring technology which makes it possible to offer a capacity guarantee of 10 years.

Qcells sets new standards with Q.PEAK DUO-G11 solar modules

Q.PEAK DUO-G11 series combines state-of-the-art technology, efficiency of more than 20%, higher surface area performance and cost reduction. Q.PEAK DUO BLK M-G11 enables an output of up to 400 Wp and is one of the most powerful rooftop solar modules suitable for residential solutions. QCPV-tested by TÜV Rheinland.

Schletter Group: material optimized mounting solutions

Less material with the same or better load-bearing capacity and fast mounting on the construction site – this is a common thread running through all the Schletter products. At InterSolution the Schletter Group will be showing how this is reflected in their products for pitched- and flat roofs with the Schletter ProLine and the FixGrid Pro.

The Introduction of Growatt New Energy

Growatt is a global leading distributed energy solution provider that specializes in sustainable energy generation, storage and consumption, as well as energy digitalization. The company designs, develops and manufactures PV inverters, energy storage products, EV chargers, smart energy management system and others.

BLUETTI Unveiled 6KW Bi-directional, Three-phase, Modular ESS

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green ESS for both indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe.

Experience the power of SolarEdge Home: DC-Coupled, Smart Energy Management

SolarEdge Home is the smart energy ecosystem that enables homeowners to independently manage their own energy. This single-vendor, easy-to-install, solution is DC-coupled to extract more power from each pv module and deliver more clean, sustainable energy to every home. Production, consumption, battery storage, EV charging and backup are all seamlessly integrated and optimized to minimize electricity costs.

The international wholesaler for installers

SolarToday has a range of premium brands of solar modules, inverters, mounting materials and batteries. The team of specialists advises and supports with your projects. This way, you can save time and money! With five branches in the Netherlands and a new branch in Belgium (Beernem), there is always a branch near you.

Solis is one of the largest manufacturers of string inverters

Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies (Stock code: 300763.SZ) today has one of the widest installed base of string inverters globally with our inverters converting DC to AC power and interacting with utility grid in markets around the world, reducing the cabon footprint, and helping us enrich society around the world.

Sunways is gearing up for InterSolution 2023

Come to meet Sunways at InterSolution on 25-26 January 2023 in Ghent, Belgium. You will find Sunways team at Flanders Expo, in Hall 8 at Booth 8411. Sunways will present its well-received on-grid solutions, as well as its highly anticipated energy storage solutions and other core products. We also have a special code that will provide you free of charge entry: SE10073549.

The Tesvolt E-Series - storage systems with extra energy

The new E-Series storage systems offer maximum power at an excellent value, thanks to the latest generation of lithium-ion cells from Samsung SDI in combination with our Dynamix Battery Optimizer (DBO). The result: an optimal LCOS with lower initial investment and operating costs. Discover extraordinary performance with minimal space requirements.

Introduction of the TW Solar

TW Solar started its module business in 2013 and established the R&D department of high-efficiency modules in 2016. After more than ten years of technology investment, TW Solar has formed a series of fully flexible, zero-lead, environment-friendly featured shingled modules and a range of half-cell modules covering market needs at all levels.

Solutions for photovoltaic rooftop systems

Our DC combiner boxes PV Next Mini simplify installation and allow for integration of short-circuit and overvoltage protection. The core range is immediately available from stock. Its efficient combination of strings saves up to 50% of cables and allows for space-saving installation. With flexible connection types – cable glands and PV connectors.

LEWIZ, the power of control!

With LEWIZ, innovation takes center stage. LEWIZ is a combined energy management and monitoring solution that offers insight into the use of your energy and controls the devices that generate and consume energy locally. This way, your own energy is used optimally and the cost of additional energy consumption is kept under control.

Kehua Tech, PV+ESS for the future

Kehua Tech, 34 years power conversion expert which has 4 production bases with annual production capacity of 40GW. For now, Kehua has ranked No.5 global energy storage inverter supplier (S&P Global) and TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects (BNEF). Kehua will continue to create green energy with R&D strength and devote to let the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely.

Where are the best solar panels being made?

The simple answer to this commonly asked question is East Asia, and you will notice that the majority of the top ten manufacturers are Chinese as the bulk of global solar panels are manufactured there. China has become the solar manufacturing hub of the world. Welcome to visit professional solar panel factory from China - Kingdom solar.

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